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Letra de canción de People You Can't Trust de Atomic Rooster lyrics

People you can't trust (x's 4)
will always let you down

They will say trust in me, but you see they will always let you down
They'll cheat you - always 'round - always 'round
People you can't trust
will always let you down

People'll say that you're their friend, the love all mankind
But they really only love themselves and this is what'ca find
First they'll take all of your money and then they'll steal your wife
They'll take the coat right off your back, they'll even take your life

People - They'll always do you
People - They're out to screw you
People - Love to abuse you
People - They'll always screw you, They love to do you - Down

People you can't trust
they'll always let you down

One of these days you'll think you've found a true and faithful friend
Someone who will really stand by you until the bitter end
But if your luck gets hard up you friends will put ya down
You'll reach out for your faithful friend and he won't be around
(repeat 1st stanza)

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